Doug, the author of “Puppy Out Of Breath”

Douglas E Schneider has lived on three continents and in ten states, racking up 44 different addresses.  His travels have taken him to 51 countries.

Doug has finally settled down in Missouri to write about a life lived like a puppy out of breath.

A life filled with sweet and bittersweet encounters: Christmas in Africa, toilet paper in Ireland, big ass beer, drooling warthogs, peanut butter stew, an aunt who pioneered re-cycling before it became hip, seeing the room where John F. Kennedy died, and buying a house made of mud.


When not writing stories, Doug spends his time working in the IT department of Cass Information Systems, leading architectural walking tours of St. Louis, teaching Scottish Country Dancing, volunteering at Australian Shepherd dog shows, practicing Esalen and Thai massage, and being the webmaster for a Civil War re-enactment group: the 8th Missouri Volunteer Infantry.


You can find Doug’s blog at Puppy Out Of Breath Blog.

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