a puppy out of breath

Every story in this book is true.

Each story is short and stands alone, perfect for reading when you need some diversion.

Read about:

  • uranium-crazed zombies
  • or being as famous as a Holstein cow
  • or how the author was a fluffer at the Nationals
  • or when he had lunch with the Duke of Atholl in the Duke’s 800-year-old castle.

Puppy out of Breath contains insightful and thought-provoking vignettes describing life’s small adventures, including brushes with the famous: Lou Gehrig, Estee Lauder, Stan Musial.

Heart-opening stories designed to broaden and brighten the reader’s world.

Praise for the stories in this book

“Doug’s breadth of experience, memory, and gift for connection are so impressive!”
-LOUISE HAGUE, Plymouth, Massachusetts

“Each of Doug’s stories has a life lesson learned while being presented in a style that speaks to the reader like an old friend.”
-TONI HANCOCK, St. Louis, Missouri

“There is always something enjoyable, thought-provoking, or moving in Doug’s stories.”
-KENT SMITH, Hartford, Connecticut

“Doug’s stories take me outside myself.”
-HOLLY FUCHS, Ames, Iowa

“It is good to see that the ‘Best of Doug’ is now in a book”.
-SANDRA BLAKESLEE, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Sandra has authored many books, including: ‘The Good Marriage’, ‘Phantoms in the Brain’, and‘The Body Has a Mind of its Own’.)

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